Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spectacular, Southern Fall Colors



SAM_3732 Mention fall foliage in the United States and places like Vermont and The White Hills of New Hampshire come to mind.









SAM 014 Lake With Fall Foliage




SAM 007 However, parts of the South like Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas can be just as beautiful as in the Northeast and more affordable.







SAM_3773 From Atlanta I take a journey on Georgia 400 North also known as 19 North then 60 North towards Tennessee 68 North.









SAM 017Amazing Beautiful Fall Colors




SAM_3782 Along some areas of the highway the median is covered with brilliant pink and purple flowers which provide a stark contrast to the bright reds, orange and yellows in the background.







SAM_3688 Combined with hairpin curves and snaking roads I am thoroughly enjoying this fall journey on a rented Honda ST-1300 motorcycle.









SAM_3705 Scenic Overlook



SAM 016 If you have an opportunity to visit this part of the country in the next week or two, do it!

You won't be disappointed.





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