Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spectacular, Southern Fall Colors



SAM_3732 Mention fall foliage in the United States and places like Vermont and The White Hills of New Hampshire come to mind.









SAM 014 Lake With Fall Foliage




SAM 007 However, parts of the South like Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas can be just as beautiful as in the Northeast and more affordable.







SAM_3773 From Atlanta I take a journey on Georgia 400 North also known as 19 North then 60 North towards Tennessee 68 North.









SAM 017Amazing Beautiful Fall Colors




SAM_3782 Along some areas of the highway the median is covered with brilliant pink and purple flowers which provide a stark contrast to the bright reds, orange and yellows in the background.







SAM_3688 Combined with hairpin curves and snaking roads I am thoroughly enjoying this fall journey on a rented Honda ST-1300 motorcycle.









SAM_3705 Scenic Overlook



SAM 016 If you have an opportunity to visit this part of the country in the next week or two, do it!

You won't be disappointed.





Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Mount Saint Helen Tostada, Muy Bueno!



CAN 312 Night is falling as I return west along Highway 504 from Mount Saint Helen. I am headed back to downtown Portland, Oregon.


I don't think I will make it unless I deal with an upset friend.



Long before I approach Interstate 5 my stomach has fired warning shots that tells me it is not happy that I have spent the entire day basically ignoring it. With so much to see and do in so little time, I knew it would be near the end of the day before I sit down for a full meal.


CAN 327 Although there are other dining options nearby, it is almost always difficult for me to resist the full culinary flavors of Mexico.

El Compadre located in Castle Rock, Washington on Highway 504 just east of Interstate 5 knows my weakness.






SAM 016 Tamale And Tostada Combo



Warm tortilla chips with a flavorful but not too spicy salsa turns my weakness into a victory. For $8.95, I am dining on a generous size tamale and tostada along with rice and refried beans.


SAM 020 Remove the other customers, rearrange a few pieces of furniture and I would swear the flavors tell me I am having dinner in a Mexican family home.

Now I might be delusional after a day of hiking and being outdoors in the Great Pacific Northwest but I am willing to bet you a taco you will have the same great dining experience at El Compadre.



Muy Bueno!



Friday, October 8, 2010

Maryland, An October Surprise In Baltimore


MD CAN 057 After spending an early afternoon walking around downtown Baltimore, “The Charm City”, I end in the area of the National Aquarium.

Since I consider it too late in the day for a visit, I make a general inquire about the admission prices just in time to stumble on an October Surprise.





 MD CAN 093 Cool Cow Fish




MD CAN 101 Celebrating it's 30th Anniversary, The National Aquarium for the month of October 2010 has a fantastic deal.

Admission is only $5 after 5pm every Friday in October with the Aquarium staying open until 9:30pm on Fridays.





MD CAN 084 If you are in Baltimore and have the chance do not miss this opportunity, it is well worth your time. Tickets go on sale around 4pm which will normally allow you entrance before 5pm.

It takes at least 2 hours to view the aquarium and you will be given a set entrance time.




MD CAN 154National Aquarium


I was able to purchase my ticket for a 4:30pm admission and had no wait time. However, leaving the National Aquarium around 6:30pm, I discover there was an extensive line for admission. I recommend you get there early to avoid the line and it might just be the best $5 you have ever spent.