Sunday, January 22, 2012

Great Restaurant In Cape Town Wine Country


With just a few hours left in Cape Town, I plan one more brief visit to the nearby Stellenbosch wine region. A cellar tour and lunch would be nice before flying back to Johannesburg.



JNB Trip 542My first stop is at Zandberg Winery home of the award winning The Winelands Restaurant. This becomes my only stop.







JNB Trip 535With a private cellar dining room available, the ambiance and menu here is impressive.






For starters, The Trio Of Puglia's Mozzarella Pin Wheels is ordered. Traditional mozzarella, grilled vegetables, basil pesto, Italian anchovy, olive tapenade, Parma ham and sun dried tomatoes make taking these wheels for a spin tons of culinary fun.




JNB Trip 525Trio of Puglia Mozzarella Pin Wheels



While waiting for my starters to arrive, slices of a fresh warm sweet bread is served. If this bread is available in the prisons here then I am ready to start serving a life sentence. It is so, so delicious.



JNB Trip 526Next it is a bowl of Roasted Red Pepper soup that is so flavorful I am already scheming a way to steal the recipe.

Who knew a soup and red peppers could be so palette pleasing.




Even before my main course arrives this is turning into a 5-Star dining experience. The Winelands not only offers great food but Zandberg is also where was the first white Merlot was produced in South Africa. This wine makes a nice compliment to my meal and I can already tell one glass of it is not going to be enough.



JNB Trip 534Angels are singing when my main course, Lamb, Rosemary and Garlic Kofta is presented. Organic pasture lamb, homemade linguine with an olive, anchovy tomato sauce and I am in culinary heaven.

Sing Angels, Sing!





JNB Trip 536With such excellent starters and main courses, I have no doubt that a desert selection would not be just as spectacular.

Three different servings of Italian ice cream topped with a peppermint leaf finishes off a perfect lunch time meal.




Just above my table is an autographed wine crate to the owners of The Winelands that states “To the best little restaurant in the world!”. The signer, Martin Meinert is unknown to me but I would have a hard time disagreeing with his sentiment.

If you dine at The Winelands Restaurant ( you just might too.

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